• TOPIC 1: Detection and molecular characterization of circulating tumour cells in peripheral blood of patients with breast cancer
  • TOPIC 2: Distinct molecular signature of inflammatory breast cancer by genome-wide gene expression analysis
  • TOPIC 3: Morphological study of inflammatory breast cancer
  • TOPIC 4: Morphological and molecular biological study of tumor emboli and their association with tumor progression in patients with IBC
  • TOPIC 5: Epigenetics in breast cancer
  • TOPIC 6: Study of the influence of epigenetic regulation on the development and progression of inflammatory breast cancer
  • TOPIC 7: Study of the interaction between inflammation and the estrogen receptor in the development of resistance against endocrine therapy
  • TOPIC 8: The AKT/mTOR/p70S6K1 pathway in human epithelial ovarian cancer
  • TOPIC 9: Histomorphometrical and quantitative molecular comparison of the first steps of metastasis of the primary tumour and loco-regional and distant metastases in breast cancer